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March 3, 2001: 5:05 pm: Publications, Scientific Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning

Trickett, S., Trafton, G., Schunn, C., & Harrison, A. (2001). “That’s odd!” How scientists respond to anomalous data. Cognitive Science Society Conference, 2001. [PDF]

: 4:57 pm: Cognitive Modeling, Posters, Spatial Reasoning

Schunn, C., & Harrison, A. (2001). ACT-RS: A neuropsychologically inspired module for spatial reasoning. International Conference on Cognitive Modeling, 2001. [RTF]

: 4:26 pm: Research

The Explanatoids program is focused on promoting scientific thinking in everyday environments by placing thought provoking signage in public recreation areas, such as city parks, amusement parks, and sports facilities. People in these environments were surveyed about their understanding of the key concepts before and after the signage was installed to assess its impact on their knowledge.