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March 3, 2003: 5:12 pm: Presentations

Schunn, C. D., & Harrison, A. M. (2003). Segmented Spaces: Coordinated Perception of Space in ACT-R/S Psychology of Space Symposium. International Conference on Cognitive Modeling, 2003.

: 5:12 pm: Presentations

Harrison, A. M. & Schunn, C. D. (2003). ACT-R/S: Coordinating spatial representations. 10th Annual ACT-R Workshop.

: 5:03 pm: Cognitive Modeling, Publications, Spatial Reasoning

Harrison, A. M., & Schunn, C. D. (2003). ACT-R/S: Look Ma, No “cognitive-map”! International Conference on Cognitive Modeling, 2003 [PDF]

: 4:27 pm: Research

2000 – 2003
This research explores the potential application of Latent Semantic Analysis to determining what strategies a person will use to resolve a situation based solely on that person’s description of how he or she would handle it.
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