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March 30, 2007: 6:27 pm: Errata, jACT-R, Spatial Reasoning

Ahh, Pittsburgh. One more week of data collection is in the can and it will be the last data collection trip to Pittsburgh. What more data needs to be collected can be done in Philly. In theory, I shouldn’t have to come back to Pitt until defense time. One can dream.


March 29, 2007: 10:22 am: Errata

Here’s a great post on the differences between brains and computers at science blogs.

March 16, 2007: 5:05 pm: Uncategorized

Alright, let’s see how long I keep this weekly review up..


March 9, 2007: 10:53 am: Uncategorized

The previous post was fortunately wrong. The data transform wasn’t correct. That’s what you get for using a powerful data transformation engine without validating the transformations.. Anyway, the nBack error biases are looking much better..


March 8, 2007: 4:42 pm: Spatial Reasoning

This post is inaccurate, see the following post for details.

So Chris wanted to see the distribution as to when the errors in the 1back were occurring. We know that position is a huge factor, more errors for rotation than stay, but when do the errors actually occur?


: 1:01 pm: Spatial Reasoning

One theory for these results that I’ve been playing with is that the current 4 target configurations are already beyond most people’s capacity, resulting in offline updating across the board. If this were true, I should be able to identify the handful of high functioning subjects and differentiate them statistically.

Specifically, these subjects should show the flat latencies during control.rotation that would be indicative of online updating. In this case, I should see some indication of an effect for load (control/wm). Is it there? Nope.

Boy, oh, boy – I should have expected that the relatively clean results of the last study wouldn’t translate into this one.

: 12:55 pm: Spatial Reasoning

So the previous pointing distributions were short on any statistics. What happens when the numbers are tallied and cranks are turned?


March 7, 2007: 10:39 am: Spatial Reasoning

So, i’ve taken a closer look at the pointing response distributions that i commented on previously..


March 5, 2007: 4:34 pm: Spatial Reasoning

A common phenom in the spatial reasoning literature is that there is a strong bias in spatial memory towards the cardinal directions (egocentrically, that is).

Do the current data support tha phenom?


: 4:18 pm: Spatial Reasoning

How very interesting. The second study is showing no 1back interference on the pointing task. Hawhat?

Details after the bump.