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May 30, 2007: 1:24 pm: Uncategorized

Gotta love multicore machines. Now that the model is fully functional and I can start to look at fitting the data, I took it for a spin using some bulk executions.

Single core: 15x real time (ugh – painful)

Dual core: 115x real time (heee whack!)

That’s a 7.5x improvement with a single core increment. I guess things are scaling better than expected.

Now back to the fitting.

May 24, 2007: 11:54 am: ACT-R/S, Spatial Reasoning

In my own dissertation data there is no evidence of online spatial updating (but updating nonetheless). It is really starting to look like Wang is the only one who is finding it.

This is prompting a reevaluation.


May 23, 2007: 2:00 pm: Uncategorized

Defense : August 7th. Let’s hope I can keep it from slipping.

: 1:59 pm: ACT-R/S, Cognitive Modeling, jACT-R

Man, I’d forgotten how interesting modeling could actually be. Since the critical path for the dissertation is currently the models, I’ve shifted from writing to modeling full bore.


May 15, 2007: 4:16 pm: Uncategorized

Theizing : (v) when excessive stress from writing one’s dissertation or thesis results in physical manifestations. see also: theizure (n).

May 14, 2007: 6:09 pm: Errata

So the post-doc application was submitted. That was fun – let’s see if I can get a job teaching robots to play hide and seek.

Now that said distraction is out of the way, I’ve been modeling and connecting. This has resulted in a long overdue rewrite of common reality. Now it just needs to be tested.

Methods section is in process right now. So fun. :)