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June 29, 2007: 3:31 pm: Uncategorized

Just got word, the post-doc at NRL is good to go. One less thing to have to worry about. But then I realized, oh crap, I’ll be jumping in immediately after my defense, which is already looking like it will have to be pushed back. But, Greg is cool with me taking a little break in between. Thank god.. that little bit of breathing room should make this much less of a hellish month.

June 10, 2007: 7:36 pm: ACT-R/S, Cognitive Modeling, jACT-R

new versions of jACT-R, IDE, and ACT-R/S have been posted. I will be putting together a screencast soon to illustrate how to set up automatic model fit calculations and parameter space searches.

June 7, 2007: 7:14 pm: ACT-R/S, Cognitive Modeling, Spatial Reasoning

Check it out.. ACT-R/S bugs crushed and this is the latest, greatest model fit:


June 4, 2007: 7:35 pm: ACT-R/S, Cognitive Modeling, Spatial Reasoning

Gotta love cognitive modeling. I’ve been looking at the parameter sensitivity on both egocentric and jrd pointing. The point is to fit the set size 4 and then apply it to set size 8 (I ditched 6 in the analysis, so I’ll ignore them again here).

I had a really nice fit (relatively) with common parameter values. RMSE combined (ego/jrd) of 0.9s, which is much smaller than the standard deviation of either ego or jrd pointing responses (error is in abeyance for now).

So I ran some bulk iterations. Damnit. The performance is dependent upon the activation balance between visually attended and spatially updated representations. Well, the random assignment of configurations and trials within a configuration is sufficient to blow that single test out of the water. Bleck. So, I guess I’m going to do this parameter search with bulk runs.