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September 15, 2007: 10:40 am: Projects

Principle designer and developer for a decoupled simulation middleware intended to act as a bridge between various cognitive architectures and arbitrary simulations or real-time sensor systems.

September 3, 2007: 9:36 pm: Uncategorized

Every mad scientist needs to pay homage to the wonderful world of Bond villains.

Since I’m going to working with robots, perhaps to create an army of metallic henchman (no need to provide health-care), the question inevitably becomes, “What would my super-villain name be?”

All the good names seem to have been taken…

but Dr. Know has a certain tongue-in-cheek appeal.

: 7:31 pm: ACT-R/S, Cognitive Modeling, jACT-R, Research, Spatial Reasoning

The dissertation has been sent out to the committee. Now I have two fun filled weeks to get settled back outside of D.C. and then figure out how to condense those 150+ pages into a 45 minute talk.Sounds like fun.